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Core players
Mike "Mr. Take-one-for-the-team" Bax, drinks Grolsch & Murphy's Red, is single and looking, specialized in The Beatles, TV/Movies/Music, Cartoons, Comics.
Robert "Captain Beer" Schutt (visit Robert's personal website), drinks Grolsch, Heineken & Murphy's Red, is single and sometimes looking, specialized in cartoons like The Simpsons and South Park, comedy series like Seinfeld.
Mishu "Theeleut" Westerveld, drinks tea, red wine & Snake Bite, is spoken for, specialized in Fashion, girl stuff, food & drink.
Rob "Mr. Photoplay" van D., drinks Grolsch, is single, specialized in Sports, politics/foreign affairs.
Rian., drinks Grolsch, is spoken for.
Former players
Peter "Sergeant Bash" Overweel, drinks Murphy's Red (if not driving), likes speeddating, specialized in Sports, General Knowlegde.
Farrel "Bokbefok" Coetzee (visit Farrel's personal website), drinks Carlsberg, was involved with Jessica, specialized in Music, US Military, African geography.
Jessica "Miss Tenacious" Groenewald, drinks Carlsberg, was involved with Farrel, specialized in Music, Seinfeld, African geography.
Sandra "Kaleddis" Hak (visit Sandra's persoinal website), drinks Guinness, is single, specialized in Medicine, Asia, Classical Music.
Pascal Remijn, drinks Tuborg, Grolsch, is involved with Helen, specialized in Sport, Geography.
Helen, drinks Sweet dry wine, is involved with Pascal, specialized in Geography, USA in particular.
Guest players
Martin "Admiral" van Ekelenburg, drinks Grolsch, specialized in (American) Sports, Pick-up lines, Video Games.
Marc "Pluisje" Boeijen, drinks Newcastle Brown Ale, Korenwolf, Palm, is married (with children), specialized in Sports (baseball), General Knowledge.
Anja "Princess" Overweel, drinks Caffreys, is involved with Niki, specialized in Music (Prince).
Niki "Smiley" Heuvelmans, drinks Grolsch, is involved with Anja, specialized in Medicine.
Vincent "Vin" Sullivan, drinks Grolsch, is married, specialized in Sports, General Knowledge.
Rob Hendriks, drinks Koninck, is married, specialized in Classical Music, General Knowledge.
Lester "Kokkie" Bax, drinks Grolsch, is single, specialized in Food & drinks / Life & cooking.
Ian Thomas, drinks Guinness / Newcy Brown / Grolsch, is married, specialized in UK geography & history, wars of the world, music.
Tom "The Boss" Jacobs (visit his company's website), drinks Grolsch, is involved, specialized in General Knowledge, US geography, music.
Jasper "Tha Supa Pimp" van Eijck (visit Jasper's personal website), drinks all sorts of poison, is married, specialized in General Knowledge, Formula 1, music.
Hans "The Man In Black", drinks borreltje-cola-zonder-ijs, is sometimes interested, specialized in Cocktails!
Joep, drinks whatever they have (but not too much), is single as far as we can tell, specialized in everything you wouldn't know anybody could specialize in!
Kiemlan "Nightingale", drinks water, specialized in Music.

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